All about the “Show Usage” option in HM Photo Manager

Heritage Makers Photo Manager makes it simple to upload, organize, and track which photos have been used. In this forum, we will go over how to use the show usage options in the HM Photo Manager. Feel free to follow along by opening up your HM Photo manager. (Click on “my photos” after you log into your account.)

If you are wanting to delete photos, you can only delete any with a blue corner, or no corner.  Please know that if you delete a photo that is already in a non-purchased project, that project cannot be purchased anymore until that photo is re-uploaded or the placeholder that it left behind is deleted.




After you select both a folder and an album in your photo manager, you can check the “show usage” box. This brings up a lot of different information that can be really helpful in tracking and learning about your storage usage.



Pictures without any colored corners are unused pictures and count towards your “Unpublished Usage.” These are pictures that have never been used in a project. These pictures are safe to delete from your account because they are not used in a project.



The photos marked with a blue corner are used in an unpublished project. These could be a project that is still in progress or a project that was completed, but never ordered. These photos are used, so they were included in a project on your account. These photos are also counted in your “Unpublished Usage.”



The photos marked with a green corner are ones that have been used in a published project. This means the photo was used in a project that has been ordered and printed. These photos count towards your Published Usage. 



Most HM customers have more storage space for Published pictures than for Unpublished images. Click here to learn more about storage space included with the different HM membership types. 


You can see a breakdown of your albums with Unpublished and Published on the left hand side. It lists how many GBs or MBs are unpublished or published in each folder and album. On the lower left hand side, it gives a cumulative summary of your photo usage.

Note: It only shows this additional storage information when the “show usage” box is checked.



Cool tip: If you double click on the photo, you can see other information about that picture, like the picture size and what projects that picture was used in!



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