Uploading & Managing Photos

Please Note: One of the photo manager features tracks your photo storage usage. You will not be allowed to upload additional photos if you reach your usage limits. 

Image File Formats and File Size

With a Basic account you can upload jpgs. With a Premier account you can upload jpgs and pngs. The file size of each jpg image must be less than 20 MB and the dimensions less than 10,000 X 10,000 pixels. The file size of each png image must be less than 10 MB with dimensions less than 4,800 pixels X 4,800 pixels.

Creating Folders and Albums
Albums hold photos, and folders hold albums. To create a new folder, click on the “new folder” button and name it. To add an album to a folder, first open the folder then click on the “new album” button and name it.

New Folder Button.png

new album button.png

Uploading Photos
Add photos to an album by opening an album, clicking the “add photos” button, and navigating to the photos stored on your computer. Hold the SHIFT key down to select multiple photos. Click the “Open” button, and your photos will upload into your selected album.

Add Photos Button.png
Rearranging and Renaming Albums and Photos
You can easily rearrange your photos and albums. Move an album from one folder to another by highlighting the album and clicking the “move” button in the bottom left. Move a photo from one album to another by highlighting the photo and clicking the “move” button on the bottom right. Folders and albums can be renamed by highlighting and clicking the “rename” button.

Photo Details, Photo Names, Photo Captions, Downloading Photos
Double clicking on a photo will open it in a “photo details” box. Here you can name/rename your image and add a caption (be sure to click “save changes” afterwards). In “photo details” you can see an image’s file size and usage, download a high resolution image, or delete it.


Sharing Albums
To share an album, highlight the album, click the “share” button, then follow the prompts.

Change the size of the thumbnail images in your albums with the sliding view tool at the bottom of your photo manager page.

Storage Space and Photo Usage
Check the “show usage” box to get a detailed look at how your photos are used (if a photo is used in a published project, is used in an unpublished project, or not used in a project at all). You can also see your storage usage by folder, album and photo.



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