How do shared albums work?

Using Shared Photos/Albums:
As the recipient of shared photos/albums, you can delete them from your account without affecting any other users who also share the same album. However, please keep in mind that photos shared with you belong to the sharer, and they are subject to the sharer’s deletion at any time. Projects you have made using shared photos may consequently be modified.

Sharing Photos/Albums:
The recipient will be able to use any photos you share in any Heritage Makers project.

Changes you make in albums you share will be immediately reflected on the recipient’s end. For instance, if you add or delete photos from the album, those photos will be added or deleted from the recipient’s album.

If you delete an album you shared from your account, it will also be deleted from the recipient’s photo manager. If you delete photos you have shared, it may consequently modify the recipient’s projects in which those photos are used.

Photos in an album you share still belong to your account and use your data storage. Shared photos that a recipient uses in a published project become part of your published photo storage. 

In short, if you want recipients to have full control of the photos (and the storage) you'll need to send them the photos and have them upload the photos directly into their account.

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