Can I upload pictures I've taken with a social media app?

Photos that are shared via social media sites through photo apps (Instagram, Pic Stitch, etc.) have usually been resized to a low (web) resolution that is not suitable for print.

 If you use photo apps to share photos on social media sites, first save them to your phone’s photo album at the highest resolution possible. (Some photo apps have a setting that automatically saves your original sized images before posting them.) Use the higher resolution versions of your photos, not the scaled down versions, in your Studio projects.

 You cannot upload photos directly from a photo app or phone to the Heritage Makers website. The photo must be uploaded from your computer.

 Regardless of whether you are using images created in photo sharing apps or traditional photos, always be sure your photos are sized appropriately for print. When working in Studio, if the border around an unlocked image is green, then it should print just fine.

 Images saved on your phone must be transferred to your computer before uploading to Studio. There are a few methods for doing this, depending on your phone and other particulars. If you need detailed instructions on transferring photos from your phone to your computer, please contact Customer Support or refer to your phone’s user manual.


            Email Method--each cell phone is different, but you should have an option to share your photo via message. Send the photo to your email address. Open your email account and you should see your photo as an attachment that you can open and save on your computer.

USB Cable Method—most phones come with USB cables that allow them to be connected directly to computers. Plug your phone into your computer. Make sure the phone is on. Open the files the same way you’d open a flash drive. Drag your photos onto your computer.

            Sync Method—on an iPhone, plugging in the device will prompt the computer to open iPhoto or a similar photo application which will display the photos on your phone and allow you to upload them to your computer.

            Memory Card Method—many phones use a micro memory card for storage that can be removed and inserted into your computer. If you want to use this method, make sure your phone saves your pictures to the memory card rather than to the device.


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