My Photos are too large to upload…What do I do?

If you are uploading photos and an error message pulls up saying the size or dimensions are too large, you will need to resize those photos before uploading them to Heritage Makers.

To resize your photo you can use your own photo editing system that you have on your computer or there are even free online photo editors.  If you have a large quantity of photos that need to be resized, you can search for programs with the ability to do a group resize adjustment.

One program that does do this is Google Picasa. You can then Google search for the instructions of how to resize a group of photos.  The link to the instructional video of how to resize a group of photos is:

There are many other programs that have this option.  You can use any program that has this option, and then upload your photos again. The max size and dimension ability in Heritage Makers is 20MB and 10,000 x 10,000 pixels.  The photos need to adhere to both of these regulations. 


Here is an example of the error that will pull up if your photos are too large to upload to HM. 


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