How to export photos from iPhoto

iPhoto is a great tool from Mac to organize you photos, unfortunately, you cannot upload directly from iPhoto onto the Heritage Makers Website. You will have to export your photos before uploading them to your website. So How do you do that? Its easy! Follow these simple steps:

*Open iPhoto.

*Select an image or a group of images.

*Go to the File menu and select Export

*An export pop up box will appear.

There are Seven Options that need to be changed to insure the photos are saved correctly. 

*Kind-This changes the format of the photo at which you will save it, for Heritage Makers you will want to save is JPEG or PNG. Most use JPEG.
*JPEG Quality- This will only need to be changed if you are saving as a JPEG. This changes the file size. Select Low, Medium, High or Maximum. As the file gets smaller you begin to lose image detail.For Heritage Makers the best option would be to set it at Maximum.
*Include-This is a personal option. If you check one of these boxes it will embed the information tags in each image
*Size-This sets the image, resolution. You can select Small, Medium, Large, Full Size or Custom. Remember bigger projects need bigger images, there for larger size.
*File Name-There are four options to choose from:
Use title: Labels the file with the image title.
Use filename: Labels the file with the images file name.
Sequential: Numbers images sequentially. You can add a prefix in the next section.
Album name with number: Labels files with the album name and numbers them sequentially.
*Prefix For Sequential – This option is only given if you choose Sequential file name.This allows you to add a prefix to the file name.
*Subfolder Name - This option is only given if you select multiple photos. Choose either None of Event Name to parse images into folders.

Once all of this is filled out and you are satisfied with your options you can click on export. Another pop up will appear and you can then choose where you would like to save these files. You can then upload them onto the website.

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