I forgot to add my mounting block/metal print easel/Iphone insert/ frame/etc. to my order.

If you have submitted your order and realized you have forgotten to check the box to add a mounting block, Iphone insert/case or black frame to your order- it’s okay! You are welcome to call in after you have placed the order, and we would be happy to ship one of these forgotten items out to you. (The shipping is an additional charge- for each order the shipping will vary).  Please have the address you would like this item shipped to ready when you are calling the order in.

*Pricing for additional items:

Mounting Block: $5.00

Metal Print Easel: $3.00

Iphone insert: $39.00

Iphone case: $20.00

Black Frame: (depending on size of canvas)

                -8x8 wrapped canvas: $32.00

                -16x20 wrapped canvas: $80.00

                -20x20 wrapped canvas: $93.00

                -20x24 wrapped canvas: $98.00


*(you will need to pay for the item plus shipping).

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