Oops! I made a mistake, but already ordered it!

If you realize you have made a mistake - whether it’s a typo, the wrong picture, or forgetting to add something - there is no need to worry! If you are within 3 hours of placing the order, you may cancel the order by going to your "My Account" section of the Heritage Makers website and clicking on "Order History." After canceling the order, you can make a copy of your project, make the needed changes in that re-named copy of the original project, and then add that project to your shopping cart and proceed as before.

If your order is past the 3 hour cancellation time, you can still make corrections on your project by making a copy of your project, making the changes, and then adding the project to your shopping cart.  You can then call Customer Service (1-866-694-3763) and an agent will be able to help you place a reorder within 30 days of the original order date at 75% off. 

If 30 days have passed, you can take advantage of our Heirloom Assurance program where you can purchase a reprint at 50% off. If you would like to take advantage of this option, you can contact your Consultant and they can help you process that Heirloom Assurance order. 

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