How do I Direct Ship cards?

The first step to Direct Ship Cards is to make sure you have the addresses needed saved in your Address Book.  Your address book is found in the top right hand corner of your Heritage Makers account, labeled ‘My Address Book’. 

Once your addresses are in your Address book, you can then go to your ‘My Projects’ area, view ‘my completed’ projects, and you will see the option to Direct Ship the cards, right next to the ‘add to cart’ button.

This will then pull up a pop up window so you can choose which addresses you want to ship the card to. 



For more information on which product types can be direct shipped, please click here or go to:


*Note: If you are experiencing technical difficulties when adding address for the direct ship, it has been noted that sometimes in Internet Explorer the addresses don’t select or the pop-up window does not move correctly. If this does occur you can fix this by clicking the compatibility button on the Internet Explorer browser (which looks like a piece of paper torn in half). 


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