Purchasing Premier Membership Using Points

Premier is one of our great memberships. It is an auto-renewing membership so remember that you must cancel it to discontinue the membership. You can purchase a premier membership using your publishing points the first time, and it will continue to renew on your credit card after your first purchase with points. Below is an screen shot of the different levels you can purchase:




 If you would like to continue to use your points each time make sure to cancel your renewal after every initial purchase with publishing points so that it will not continue to go through on your credit card. In order to successfully cancel your membership, make sure to check the box ‘Do Not Automatically Renew’ as shown in the picture below:


If you notice that there is a red error message stating that you need to update your payment information on file before you can choose a renewal level as pictured below, make sure to update this information by clicking on the green link ‘update payment information’ in order to set your account to ‘Don’t automatically renew’.




Once you have updated this payment information, and checked the box to ‘Don’t automatically renew’, you are all set. Once the membership has expired, you can sign up again using your points and continue to follow the same steps each time.


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