How to Create an HM account from your Youngevity Account

Already have a Youngevity account and want to set up a Heritage Makers account?  You can follow these instructions to create a Heritage Makers account that is connected with your existing Youngevity account.  This will then connect any purchases, orders, and volume from your HM account, and will reflect in your Youngevity volume and purchases. 


Step 1. Go to  Select 'sign up'.



Step 2.  




Step 3:  Next, you will be prompted to enter in your Youngevity ID and password.  This will then create your HM account, associated with your existing Youngevity account.  Once you click on the Create Account button - it will load and log you into your newly created HM account.  



Do not repeat this process!  Your account has been created!  From then on, to sign in to Heritage Makers, go to and select 'sign in' in the top right.  If you go through this process again, you will create multiple accounts.


Step 4: This is your landing page.  Click on 'my studio'.




Step 5: Click on 'my account'.



Step 6: Here you can find your account number and other information.





Updated 1/28/2015 RC

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    Cheryl Kissell

    So there will be gifts and pre-made cards on the site for those who Just want to Buy?

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