Purchasing Youngevity Product with Publishing Points

The system used to place Youngevity orders with publishing points is different than the system that places regular orders. Because publishing points are solely a part of Heritage Makers' system, they are not integrated into Youngevity's ordering processes in any way. This means that every order placed through this method is manually calculated and entered by a Customer Service agent, not the online ordering system.


In order to place an order like this, you can follow the following steps:
1. Go into your HM Consultant site - and then go to the My Business Tab
2. Enter the Virtual Office
3. Under the Order Processing Tab - go to Individual Order
4. Start the order for yourself or one of your clients.
5. When the order area pulls up- you can enter the Youngevity Item Code and then add a 'P' at the end of the code, and this will indicate you are using your Points to purchase that item code.
6. Enter the quantity desired, and push enter - the rest of the order/item info will auto-populate.
7. Then you can finish and finalize your order - and you will only be billed shipping.


(If you do not have access to the business center due to being just a member, you can call in your order. Our customer service number is 866-694-3763 and we are available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm MST).

The cost for the items is always listed in their item name when you place the order, which lets you know how many publishing points will be needed for the order to go through. It is up to the client to keep track of how much their products will cost, as the total will not be automatically calculated at checkout.

The cost for shipping and tax is taken from your credit card right when the order is placed. The publishing points are then manually taken out by a Customer Service agent within a few business days of the order being placed, and the order is manually moved over to Youngevity's system.

Here are some links to the product catalogs;




PLEASE NOTE; not all Youngevity product can be purchased with Publishing Points.  If you enter an item code in and it gives you an 'invalid code', then it cannot be processed in your order.  This could be due to several factors.  If you are sure it should be available, you are more than welcome to give us  call or send us an email inquiry at support@heritagemakers.com.


If you are purchasing Our Memories for Life product with points, these items need to be added to your Heritage Makers shopping cart.  You can then check-out and use your points.  Unfortunately, these products do have to be their own order when using points.

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