Publishing Point Expiration

Publishing Point Expiration FAQs

Why do publishing points expire?

Purchasing publishing points is like purchasing a gym membership. You pay for the guarantee that our services will be available for your use any time during a contract period. Like a health club, Heritage Makers incurs the costs of being open and ready should you choose to “come in,” and publish—even if you never do. We must staff all our operations, maintain and monitor the equipment, hardware and software to run our website and Studio. We regularly improve and upgrade our digital art, templates and product offerings. We invest in the latest and best print-on-demand technology. These costs and more are paid by Heritage Makers every day to ensure that our service, experience and products are available to our clients—whether or not our clients choose to publish.

The 24 month conditions are accepted by the customer upon signing up for a club membership.


We certainly can’t force our clients to create in Studio and publish projects—but we do everything we can to encourage and promote the regular use of publishing points before they expire.


How long do publishing points last?

  • All points expire after 24 months from the date of purchase. (If you have a Club HM membership, points expire 24 months from the date they were added to your account). Purchased points can be used right away or accumulated for larger projects.


How do I know when my points expire?

  • You can check on the status of your publishing points any time by signing in to the Heritage Makers website, clicking on the “my account” tab, then clicking on “publishing points.” Here you will see your total available points and when they expire. You can also track the dates you purchased and used points. Heritage Makers will send an email to your address on file when your points are 90, 60, and 30 days away from expiration.

What do I do if my points are about to expire?

  • Use them! We do not extend publishing points past their expiration date. 

  • We offer a three business day grace period for expired points. You can call in within three business days of your points expiring and Customer Service will help you place an order over the phone with your expired points at their full value.

  • Beyond the three day grace period, we have one other option to help you. For up to 30 days after expiration, you can redeem your expired publishing points by paying a redemption fee of 25% of the total points you are using. Beyond 30 days, expired points unfortunately cannot be used at all.

Please note that expired points won't ever show up in your account, so you will need to call Customer Service when you're ready to order using these methods. Simply place your projects in the shopping cart without completing your order before calling in.



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