5x5 Tri-fold Card - What side is what?

How to Design a 5x5 Tri-Fold Card

There are 6 sides to design on a Tri-fold Card.  3 on the front, and 3 on the back.  All of the back sides (BC, BL, BR) make up the back of the unfolded card.  The Front sides (FC, FL, FR) make up the inside of the unfolded card.

When folded, the BR side is the front and BC is the back. The BR opens up and you see the FL on the left, and the BL on the right.  You then open the BL side and you can see the entire inside of the card (FL then FC, then FB).



  2013-07-16_1110_2.png 2013-07-16_1216_2.png

2013-07-16_1222_2.png 2013-07-16_1217_2.png

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