Align & Distribute: Centering to Another Item

Whether you are creating a paper mat for a photo or positioning text on top of an embellishment, it can be very useful to be able to center an item on top of another item in Studio. 

This video shows how to center an item on top of another item using the Align Center and Align Middle buttons. Notice that you can determine the position of the two items by clicking To Group, To First Item, or To Page before clicking the Align buttons.

Tip: If you have one of the items in place on your page and you would just like to align the a new item on top of or behind the first item, click To First Item before clicking the Align buttons. This will ensure that your first item stays where you have it and will just orient the new item around the location of the first item. Perfect for adding a mat to a photo. 

This video shows that you can align several items to the center of another item. You can use this to create layered effects, such as a complex mat on a photo. 

Tip: Adding drop shadows to some or all of the layers of a photo mat can give a nice dimensional effect. 

For more information about the Align and Distribute tools, click here or go to

To learn about aligning text boxes to other items, click here or go to

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