Align & Distribute: Creating a Grid

This video will show you how to create a basic 9-photo grid using the Align and Distribute tools. For more information on the Align and Distribute buttons, click here or go to


The steps shown in the video: 

  1. Create an even diagonal line by selecting your three photos and clicking To First ItemDistribute Center, and Distribute Middle. Make sure you have adequate spacing between your photos, so that your grid will have your desired amount of spacing. 

Note: Make sure your photos are the same size and orientation. It is helpful to use square photo boxes, but not necessary. 

  1. Working one at a time, copy each one of your three photos and paste two copies. Place them roughly into position. 

  2. Align the duplicates with the original photos, working in horizontal lines and then vertical, or vice versa. 

Note: Make sure that you select your original photo first each time and select To First Item before aligning or distributing, to ensure that your original spacing carries throughout your grid. 


If you decide that your lines are too close together, you can select an entire row or column and move it up, down, or to the side to give more space. To remain evenly spaced throughout, you will want to re-distribute the photos in each line after you finish adjusting. 

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