What is the Copyright Page?

The Copyright Page: 

The very last page of your Heritage Makers Storybook is the Copyright page. In the page listing, it is often labeled as "C." The Copyright page can be designed, just like any other page in your Storybook, except for a small white strip at the bottom of the page. This is the copyright area, where the Heritage Makers logo will be printed, along with a small production barcode, the book's project ID, and the Heritage Makers website (or the personal website of your personal publishing consultant or distributor). The copyright page and Heritage Makers logo cannot be removed from your Storybook project. 


This is how the Copyright area appears while designing in Studio. this is to give you an idea of where the white stripe will appear in your finished book. 




This is how the Copyright area will appear in your finished Storybook. The information that is displayed in this area is specific to each book. 

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