Moving & Re-sizing Objects

When an object (art or photo) is selected and unlocked, it can be moved, re-sized, rotated and more.

To move an object, select it and make sure it is unlocked. Click on the object, hold down your left mouse button, and drag the object around your page. When you want to place the object, release your mouse button.

To re-size an object, select it, then place your cursor arrow on one of the four corners on the selection border. Hold down your left mouse button and drag the corner outward to increase the size of the object or inward to decrease the size of the object. When you are re-sizing an object it will maintain its proportions.


To rotate an object, select it, then place your cursor arrow on the circle at the end of the rotation handle. Your cursor will become a double sided curved arrow. Hold down your left mouse button and pull to the left or the right. You will see the object rotate. Release your mouse button when you are done rotating the object.


There are also three other ways you can rotate an object. First select it, and make sure the object is unlocked. Then click on the layout tab in your tool box window. You will see a rotation slide bar about in the middle of the layout tab. Use your mouse to slide the bar to the right or left, and you will see your object rotating. You can also enter a number (like 90 or -90) in the small rotation box to rotate your object. Or you can click on the up and down arrows next to the rotation box.

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