How to Import a Page in Studio

We often see that our users want to bring an already designed page from one project into another. Whether they want to reuse a favorite page from an old project, use one specific page from a template, or simply copy a design onto multiple pages, there is an easy way to do so. 

To copy an already designed page layout into another page or project, you can use our “Import Page” feature.  First, go to the blank page on which you wish to add your layout. Then, click on the “My Projects” tab on the bottom of the Studio screen.  Select your already designed page in its appropriate project and click the “Import Page” button. This will replace all of the current contents of your page with the contents of the page you are importing.  You can also import from a previously favorited template.



* Watch this great tutorial video from our April 10, 2014 Studio U class that shows how to import a page.*

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