Starting a New Project from a Template

With a Heritage Makers Studio account, there are two ways to get started creating photo gifts, storybooks or other keepsakes—either completely from scratch, or by personalizing a ready-made template.

To begin a project from a template, first you need to find a template you want to personalize. You can do this by browsing the Template Gallery. When you find a template, click on it to see the template details. Then simply click the “personalize” button. Studio will then prepare your project. Click “Open Project” to open the template inside Studio Editor.



Templates that you’ve put in your favorites folder can also be started in the same way. Open your favorites folder in the Template Gallery. Click on the template you want to start, then click “personalize” and “open project.”

If you’re not yet familiar with our template gallery and all its features, please take some time to review our Studio Support article:  The Template Gallery.


Here's another way to start a new project from a template. After logging in to your Studio account and clicking the "my studio" link in the top right menu do the following:



A window will open and you can choose to start a new project from your templates, the template gallery, or from scratch.


If you click the "my templates" button, you will see all the templates you previously selected as favorites or as templates you'd like to customize. If you click on the "template gallery" button, you'll go to the template gallery where you can browse and select a template you'd like to start with.


*Watch this 6-minute video to see how you can easily customize a project when you start with a template.*

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