The Template Gallery


Where Do I Start?

Click on the Template Gallery link at the top of your Studio page and it will bring up a navigation window that lists our most frequently searched topics. If you’re looking for product categories, you’ll find them at the bottom beneath the dotted line. To the far left, you will see current seasonal categories in blue text. These will rotate as each season or holiday comes and goes.


Want to jump right in to the full Template Gallery and just begin your own search? Click on the blue capital letters on the bottom left that say “BROWSE THE GALLERY.” You’ll be taken to our main, unsorted template page with a search box right under an appealing product picture.

Note: If all of your results don't seem to be showing as you scroll down, try clearing your cache and cookies.



If you need to start your search over, either click "Reset Gallery" or on the "Template Gallery (Beta)" link in the breadcrumbs at the top of the page.

Narrow Your Search

Narrow your search by selecting from among product types and other options shown in the menu on the left of the page. Click on the little blue triangles to expand the categories to reveal more specific search choices. You can even select multiple products from different product categories!



Multiple Word Search

The new Template Gallery allows for multiple search terms in the search term box. For example, in the image below you'll see there were 67 projects found when we searched the words: baby, boy, and announcement! When you want to clear your search, just click the garbage can icon next to the search terms box.


Favorite and Featured Templates

Click on the heart icon under a template image to mark it as a favorite. This will put it in the "my templates" section of your projects. You can also see your favorites by selecting "My Favorites" under "Other Options" in the menu on the left. 

Featured templates are designated by the blue star icon. This simply means that a template has been chosen by Heritage Makers as one that should be highlighted within a particular category.








Template Information

After clicking on the template, you'll be taken to a page that displays more details about the template.

Click on the designer's name to see more templates she created.

Start a project right now by clicking on the PERSONALIZE button.

Share the template to Pinterest and Twitter by clicking on the icons below the main template image. 

A template with the green "Premier Template" icon indicates that the template includes premier art and requires a paid membership to access.




Click on the main image of the template for a larger view. Then use your mouse or your arrow keys to scroll through the template's different pages.






Coordinated Templates

Other templates that coordinate with the one you're viewing will show up in the "Coordinated Templates" area. Clicking a thumbnail image will take you to that template.


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