Tri-Fold Brochures: Which Side is What?

When you design a Tri-fold Brochure it is helpful to know which area to design on the project so that it opens and folds are as you desire.

You will be designing both the Front (F) and Back (B) pages. The Front (F) page is the one that will be in the inside area of the card (unfolded). The Back (B) page will be the outside area when the Tri-Fold Brochure is folded and unfolded.  Note that both sides are designed facing up.  By designing this way, when folded, the images and design will print in such a way that the brochure will fold correctly.  Manipulating or designing differently does not guarantee that it will print the way you want to have them designed. 



The top will be the inside flap, or upon opening the card, will be the first flap shown. 


The middle section is the back side of the folded brochure. 


This area is the front cover of the brochure.  When using for cards, this will be the front of the folded area to have designed for address information, as seen in this example. 


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