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The new 10 x 10, 11 x 14, and 8 x 10 Wood Prints from Heritage Makers are a gorgeous way to showcase your favorite photos. The wood grain of the natural maple veneer adds a lovely touch to any project, but it is important to understand that the amount of wood grain visible will vary, depending on the design of your project.

White areas and solid colored areas, especially lighter colors, will show the wood grain best. Busy or highly-textured areas will obscure the wood grain. Below are a couple of new templates that show this well.

This first example is “Happy Place”, template 140402, by Cassie Balser. The background used on this design is a whitewashed wood paper. Because there is so much white in the background paper, a lot of the natural wood grain shows through. Notice that you do still see the grey lines that show the planks of wood in the pattern of the background paper. The busier portion of this design stands out well against the softer background, which nicely accentuates the photos, embellishments, and text.

Now, here we have “Read Me A Story”, template 140412, by Brooke Mehr. This design has almost no empty, ‘white’ space. The navy background paper and the detail of the photo obscure most of the natural wood grain, but some can still be seen through the lighter areas, like the plaid paper and the word art.

Wood Prints are beautiful for showcasing any memory, but be aware that some designs and photos will show more of the natural wood grain than others. Click here to view the lovely Wood Print templates available right now in the Template Gallery!

- Brooke

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