Importing into the Address Book

To import a .csv file into your Heritage Maker’s address book:

  • Go to the "My Address Book" link.

  • Select  "Import Addresses."

  • Select "Heritage Makers Format."

  • Select "Browse" and choose .csv file.

  • Select "Open."

  • Finally, select  "Import."

You will be shown how many addresses imported successfully, and how many (if any) failed to import.  If any addresses failed to import, it is due to incomplete or invalid address information.  A list of the contacts that failed to import will be displayed.

If some (or all) of your addresses failed to import, you will want to investigate the following things:

1.) Make sure your spreadsheet is in .csv format instead of .xls format. or .xlsx.

2.) All columns need to be in your spreadsheet, even if you are not using them. You must include: title, first name, last name, company name, street, city, state, postal code, country, phone, and email.

3.) Ensure the country is entered for each contact in your spreadsheet.

4.) Use ‘US’ for United States and ‘CA’ for Canada.

5.) Use abbreviations for the city.

*If addresses still fail to import after fixing all of the above issues, you will need to find the  

correct addresses.


  • Use Canada Post to find the correct postal code for Canadian addresses.
  • Use USPS to find the correct zip code for United States addresses.


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