About HM Quick Cards


HM Quick Cards is a simple custom-card making system. Separate from the Heritage Makers Studio design tool, HM Quick Cards is found at www.hmquickcards.com.

At HM Quick Cards, you can create and order stylish, one-of-a-kind greeting cards for any occasion, in just a few short minutes. The design tool is straight-forward and easy to use.

Just upload a photo, personalize the message, and order! Choose the direct shipping option, and we'll mail your card directly to your recipient with your return address and the recipient's address printed on the card envelope. Or we'll ship your card to you, so you can then sign and deliver the card however you'd like.

You’ll be astounded at the array of quality card designs, shapes and sizes available on HM Quick Cards. We even have specialty-cut cards with decorative edges and pop-out ornaments.

Offered at the same wholesale and Club HM prices you’ll find on Heritage Makers, HM Quick Cards is the easiest way to order premium, custom greeting cards that are a cut above the rest!

To learn more, please visit any of the topics listed in our FAQs below:

** How do I set up an HM Quick Cards account?**

** How do I pay for cards?**

** Can I pay with my order using my Heritage Makers publishing points?**

** Will HM Quick Cards save my payment information?**

** What do cards cost, and how do I get the best possible price?**

** What is direct shipping? **

** How much does direct shipping cost?**

** Can I direct ship to multiple recipients?**

** Where can I direct ship cards?**

** Does HM Quick Cards have an address book?**

** What are the steps of customizing a card?**

** What should I do if my photo doesn’t fit well in the space on the card?**

** How long will it take to get my cards?**

** Will there be cards for more occasions?**

** Can I direct ship die cut and pop out cards?**

Will Quick Cards save my card designs?



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