How to Customize HM Quick Cards


There are just a few simple steps to take in customizing cards on HM Quick Cards. The system was designed to be very straight-forward, but if you need a little help along the way, please refer to the images and instructions below.

Step One: Register/Login

Step Two: Choose a card type and style you want to customize. Our three basic card categories are Flat Cards, Folded Cards and Die Cut Cards. Within those categories, you'll find other shape and size options. Just click on a category, then click on a card design of your choice.

Step Three: After selecting a card you want to customize, click the CUSTOMIZE NOW button. 


Step Four: Add your own image to the card. Click the Add Image button. Then click Choose File. A browser window will then open to let you locate your image file on your computer. Double click on the image of your choice. Finally, click the Upload button. A small thumbnail of your image will appear under the Add image button. 


Step Five: Customize the message and/or name that will appear on the card. Just click inside the text box and type your desired message/name.


NOTE: You will not see the image or message change on the card until after you click the Preview My Changes button. You can change images and messages as many times as you'd like. Simply repeat the above process. 


Step Six: Remember to check all the sides/pages of your card before you complete your project. Click on the Outside, Inside, Front and Back tabs to view each page. Folded cards have four sides that may have customization. Some flat cards have a front and back. Review each side to be sure you are satisfied with they way your card(s) will look when printed. 


Step Seven: When you are satisfied with your card, click the Complete Project button. You will then be directed to your purchasing and shipping options. 





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