When Your Image Doesn't Fit Well


On occasion, an image you upload won't appropriately fit the photo space in a card. Because HM Quick Cards is a very simple system, it does not allow you to adjust, crop, colorize or scale your image. What you see is what you get.

But there are a couple of things you can do if your photo doesn't fit the space in a card. 

First, many of the cards are designed for photos that are obviously either landscape or portrait orientation. For example, if you choose to customize a card that has a portrait oriented photograph, the image you upload should also be portrait. 

Second, if you chose a card that has a circular or square shaped photograph, make sure the image you plan on uploading has the subject(s) in the center of the photograph; otherwise, the subject(s) may not appear completely within the space on the card. 

Third, if your image still doesn't fit the space well, try using another image or another card template all together.

Most of the template you see in HM Quick Cards are also available in Heritage Makers Studio where you can completely customize every aspect of your cards and adjust your photos to fit perfectly. If you desire that kind of customization ability, please look for the template you like in the Heritage Makers Template Gallery and use the Studio system.





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